mini-blog #2: Pileated woodpecker, good or bad?

The Pileated Woodpecker… you probably know this species of bird, emblematic for being the largest woodpecker.
He makes big holes and he is very noisy, so some people don’t like him for that.
But… have you taken the time to think about its usefulness in biodiversity?
I will explain to you why you have to love it.

What many believe

Pileated woodpeckers are believed by many to dig holes in trees, even healthy ones. They think they’re attacking trees… but they’re not.
What woodpeckers like are dead trees. They will therefore mainly make their holes in dead trees!
Do you see them attacking healthy trees? Are you sure the trees you see are healthy? Just because a tree has leaves doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Often trees can be rotting inside, so woodpeckers may want to nest in them.

The other woodpecker species are sometimes also hated, yet they too are very useful in biodiversity.

But then, why are they good?

Woodpeckers do not just dig their holes for themselves. Woodpeckers never reuse the same nests. But afterwards, the holes they have built can be reused by other birds, or other animals. They have uses in biodiversity!

They also help the trees!
Sometimes trees can become infected with insects. Woodpeckers will eat insects in trees, which will help the tree. You see? Woodpeckers have a lot of good sides!

How to prevent woodpeckers attacking living trees

Dead trees are often cut down these days. But the woodpeckers need them and if they don’t find them, they will attack the living trees. If you have a dead tree on your property… don’t cut it down! Woodpeckers will be able to use it to make their nests and will not attack living trees on your land.

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