Forest birds in the countryside, is it possible?

Each bird species lives in very specific habitats. If we want to attract a specific species, we have to find out if it really lives in our environment.
I am sure that many ornithologists who live in the countryside have one day dreamed of being able to attract forest birds to their homes, such as wrens, or certain species of woodpeckers.
Seeing all species of birds is not impossible by visiting places! If you live in the forest, visit countryside to see swallows, or if you live in the countryside, go into the forest to see wrens or thrushes.
But… wouldn’t it be a source of pride to attract forest birds to your land if you live in the countryside? Is it possible ? I personally live in the countryside, so I think it’s up to me to answer you.

Forest species to attract

Want to attract warblers or kinglets? A magnificent pileated woodpecker, to be able to admire its large red crest? I live in the countryside, far from the forests and believe it or not, I have seen them on my land! It was not long visits for some, but just the pleasure of having been able to attract them is a source of pride. I will explain to you what may have attracted some of them…


These brilliantly colored birds, often yellow for some, are a pleasure for the eyes. I even once managed to make friends with a yellow-rumped warbler!

But how did I attract them?

sometimes we attract bird species unintentionally. I believe that many of the birds on my land love the five spruce trees on my land, as they are tall and old, must contain a lot of pine nuts… which are a delight for the birds! First thing I can advise you, plant spruces! These are trees that can also provide comfortable shelters for birds.
(By the way, I don’t have to say much about wrens, tall spruce trees might be enough to make them happy… but I think they are much more difficult to attract to the countryside than some. But if you succeed, you will be able to admire its magnificent plumage and perhaps approach it, it is a bird that is not very shy!)

pileated woodpecker

Some may not like this species. But that’s because they don’t understand it! I will make a mini-blog to talk more specifically about this bird.
But how to attract it?
This bird loves dead trees! To build a nest there or to look for insects. Nowadays, people cut down dead trees, reducing the number of trees for nesting woodpeckers. So if, on your land, you have a dead tree…

don’t cut it down! The woodpeckers will come and be grateful to you, they won’t prey on your living trees.

So, the essential to attract them?

Spruces, fruit trees and dead trees. You live in the countryside… but trees, it is planted! Also, don’t forget…to attract more birds, bird feeders and birdbaths are here for you. No need to move to the forest to be an ornithologist, just plant and install things on your land to make it more attractive for birds!

Is the reverse possible?

If you live in the forest and want to attract countryside birds, I’m sorry but I don’t know if it’s possible. I live in the countryside and I talk about my experiences, I don’t know what it is for those who live in the forest. But do not hesitate to make your own experiments!

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